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Auto Gates Limited  - began in 1988 

then after 25 sucessful years trading

within New Zealand

suppling thousands of gate and door automations

we sold assets of the Company in 2013 to

BFT spa the Italian Manufacturer 

of the automation products imported and sold.


Now some years after Auto Gates Limited

has completed the

three year restrictions on trade following this sale

of assets and now we are

seeking business relations with

potential suppliers for future business opportunities.


If you have Gate, Door, Barrier Automation

products to offer 

please email us information and export prices

for consideration


Trading will commence from 01/04/2018



If you need immediate help

perhaps to service your existing gate automation

or a new gate system for your home or commercial site

email and I can refer your enquiry

to a contractor active in your area

who can offer you gates or garage doors


Stephen Hudson